A bit about our logo (it says a lot about us)

What is the Peaceful Growing collective?
When asked this question we often go into the explanation of what we do. Like how we run Bush-schools, do nature mentoring, run gatherings/medicine work for adults and do regenerative/edible landscaping.
But really the most important thing is how we do it.
How we relate, create and support eachother. How we care and remember what’s important.
Our logo has a seed spiralling out in all directions and opens up into a Ginkgo (Heart) shaped leaf. This represents the infinite potential and growth that can happen from a tiny seed.

The Ginkgo biloba is a very unique plant as it has stayed as a species for over 100 million years.
It remembers it’s ancestral roots and has watched the patterns of life and death for countless generations.
It is also incredible at sequestering carbon dioxide and can live high C02 environments.
Maybe they will live long into the future also handling the adversity and changes yet to come..
Whatever the meanings we put behind these symbols they gain power by being tended to and meditated on.
Art is an ultimate form of meditation and connection.
Today Diego and Lex revived the “Peaceful Growing” symbols on the back of Black Betty and Betty Dos in the act of enjoying the practice of presence together and the creation of something driving into the future 🌱