Dean grew up on Gumbayngirr country on the mid-north coast of NSW. He's 1 of 5 boys. He spent most of his childhood on a property southeast of the Dorrigo plateau. His playground was a combination of farmland and dry sclerophyll forest. Dean has lived in the Byron Shire for the last 6 years.

Passions: Dean enjoys music, poetry and mythology. He loves spending time immersed in the wonders of nature. He is passionate about regenerative agriculture and working with systems that create food security while giving back to the earth. Loving father to a beautiful 5-year-old girl.


Dean has been working with the rites of passage institute for the past 4 years facilitating boys initiation programs, as well as father/son, father/daughter and mother/son programs.

Dean is currently working for Mackillop Family Services as a therapeutic care worker for youth at risk.

He has also supported boys adventure walks and co-facilitated homeschool programs with Wild by Nature.


Has the ability to traverse any terrain barefoot. Has spent years cultivating the feet of a hobbit. With the hope and intention to walk as his ancestors before him, with care and reverence. To walk gently and dance through country.

Why do you do this work?

I can see the challenges that youth face today. So much time is spent on screens. I'm passionate about encouraging and empowering others to connect into their true selves and the essence of nature. I feel mentorship is a powerful relationship. Young people yearn to be seen. As we all do. A good mentor has the ability to acknowledge the gifts one has and to offer support along the journey of life. My hope is that we build a strong support network and build a healthy, resilient community together with care and consideration for each other and the earth.