Heartland Co - Land Dreaming

Heartland Collective is a group who are passionate about regenerative practices and land management. Our initial goal is to secure land to provide opportunities for people to connect with nature in a meaningful and positive way. Through a collaboration with the Peaceful Growing Collective, we aim to purchase land and provide a long-term lease to PGC for their important work with nature mentoring, bush school and regenerative practices. Heartland Collective members can enjoy the benefits of being part of a land based program including,  timeshare options to spend quality time on the land, invitations to events and happenings, discounts on PGC workshops, and other environmental and social benefits. By securing the land, we can ensure that future generations have the opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with the natural world in a beautiful way. 


As our name suggests, we peacefully grow together. We rely on the support of you and your community to bring this vision to life. 

Your involvement and referrals are greatly appreciated.