Jonathan is of Native American, African and Swiss ancestry. Growing up mainly in South Africa, but having also lived in Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and the US, Jonathan’s eclectic upbringing gave him an appreciation for the cultures of the world and the humanity that we share.

Some of his fondest childhood memories involved tracking wild animals, barefoot with his younger sister in South Africa. Having such an intimate connection to the wild fostered a life-long love for nature and all of her creatures, great and small.


 Jonathan feels deeply inspired by survivalism and self-sufficiency. Having lived in some of the world’s most urbanised environments, as well as wildest ones, he has come to realise that his greatest sense of stability and nourishment comes from his connection to the natural world. He feels inspired by reclaiming a symbiotic relationship with nature through permaculture, animal husbandry, hunting and foraging. As a new father of a baby girl, he feels that this way of life is one which can support his daughter and all of the generations to come.

Aside from offering a sustainable lifestyle on this earth, Jonathan feels this reconnection to nature’s rhythms and cycles provides important healing to many of society’s modern ailments, especially impacting those in the tech-influenced younger generations.


Qualifications and experience


Jonathan is currently working in disability support. Prior to this, he managed an urban farm in Melbourne for three years, exploring sustainable food production in an urban context. He has been involved in nature mentoring, as a mentor to boys and girls on daily and overnight kids camps. He also currently hosts a fortnightly men’s gathering. He has a background in martial arts including MMA, Krav Maga and Aikido. Jonathan has his First Aid Certificate, NDIS workers check, and working with children check.

 Super Powers….


 Why do you do this work?

“I do this work because I believe that a lot of challenges that young people face today can be remedied with relatable guidance from mentors and a connection to the humbling and inspiring natural world of which we are a part. Seeing ourselves reflected in the world around us and understanding our belonging to community gives us a much-needed sense of belonging and support. As a new father,, entering into an uncertain future of unique challenges and opportunities, I believe community and nature will offer us all of the resilience we require”.