Magdalena is of German and Australian heritage and grew up on Bundjalung Country, in Mullumbimby, attending Shearwater Steiner School which has influenced her greatly. She's the youngest of 4 sisters and grew up surrounded by camping adventures, music, nature exploration, creative crafting and womanly magic.


Magdalena is deeply inspired by music and rhythm and the way this connects with the heartbeat of each and every one of us. She loves to explore movement through dance, play, breath and internal martial arts. 

With a deep resonance to live a sustainable life in honor of caring for the earth. She loves animals and is the creator of one of our favourite games ‘animal charades’. 

She loves to take care of herself through health, wellness and all things nature. 

Qualifications and experience: 

Steiner school assistant role 

1:1 support work/mentorship

First Aid certificate

Experience with childcare and babysitting

Manager of local sustainable fashion label 

Superpowers: The voice of an angel and wrestling skills of a Mongolian warrior. A giant heart that meets everyone and every situation in a way that is so full of loving presence and Joy. She has the uncanny ability to have clear healthy boundaries while creating fun freedom of expression with all creations she interacts with. 

Why do you do this work? 

“This work makes me feel deeply fulfilled. It brings me joy to see children rewilding and expressing themselves in a space that will hold and nurture them to be the best versions of themselves in everyday life. The impact of having healthy role models outside of family is so imperative to a child developing their sense of self, and to be a part of that growth and evolution is an honor. When I look back on my childhood, it's the days I spent exploring new places in nature that stick out for me. I think we were made to be spending more time doing less. Listening to the forest, to the animals, to our thoughts. With so many distractions in this time of technological evolution, it feels more important than ever to plug into the perfection of nature.”