Pesche is of Swiss and Greek heritage and grew up in Melbourne, Victoria and is a brother to his one younger sister Katina.

Keen to break out of the mold of inner-city suburban life he spent his late teens and early 20’s travelling and living in South Africa, Europe and India. Inspired by ecovillages, homesteads and communities that he came across on his travels, he decided to move to the Byron Shire in 2018 with a desire to study permaculture and deepen his connection to the natural world.


Passions: Pesche is a full-time movement enthusiast, you can most often find him hardstanding, wrestling, climbing, crawling and playing with a big smile on his face. He has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga and pranayama since he was 19 and more recently has begun his journey as a massage and zenthai shiatsu bodywork therapist.

Alongside movement, Pesche’s other great passion is music. Guitarist, rapper, producer and (not so great) singer. He loves to jam, write songs, make beats and spit freestyles with anyone and everyone!

Qualifications and experience:

cert 3 in permaculture, bush school mentor, shaking medicine instructor (in training) zenthai shiatsu therapist, certified yoga teacher, certified flying trapeze coach, bush school mentor and has supported a number of youth bush walks and campouts.


Freestylin! Pesche can make up rhymes at the drop of a hat (or beat) making every car ride or campfire jam much more enjoyable plus he has an endearing giggle that can break the tension of any situation.

Why do you do this work?

“For me this work deeply resonates with many of my core values. Creating community, fostering deep and meaningful relationships, connection to earth, cultivating skillful communication, and developing integrity and respect. I see it as a great privilege to support and spend time with these young people as we learn, grow and expand together.   ”