Term 3 ~ Full Term ~ Tuesdays

Term 3 is a 10 week program from July 18th - September 19th

Tuesdays 9:30 - 3:30, held in the rainforest of Upper Wilson’s Creek.

Full term option includes 10 sessions


Please be prepared with a backpack, water bottle, hat, swimmers, towel, food for the day, and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing.

We have the great privilege of having a creek, water hole and pool on the lands. So summertime swims usually happen. Let us know if this is an issue. For non-swimmers please pack floatation devices. 

For wet weather, we recommend raincoats, gumboots, and a change of clothes.

We do have a tipi set up for undercover activities if need be.

Suggested meal / food amounts to sustain your child through the day -

Protein - boiled eggs, meat, fish, legumes, nuts

Carbs - rice, quinoa, pasta, bread, porridge etc

Snacks - fruits, vegetables, baked goods, crackers, dips etc

Water - minimum 500ml bottle

Please ensure your child has a balanced combination of these foods. Especially the proteins. It's such a big day and we've noticed they really need a decent amount of protein to feel full and satisfied and have enough energy for the day. 

We also ask you to avoid packaged foods e.g chips

Everything we use returns to the earth. 

Thank you so much for looking after self, each-other and nature. 


Term 3 ~ Full Term ~ Tuesdays

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