Boys Expedition ~ Wednesday July 12th ~ Ages 9-13

For the Boys - Expedition 

Held on the rainforests of Wilsons Creek

Meet / pick up at Lilium Cafe, Wilsons Creek, 9am - 5pm

We see the value of creating programs specifically “For The Boys” especially at these times where supporting the growth of healthy ways with males is imperative. 

In all ancestral cultures there has been mentorship, challenge and ceremony to support boys to become men. We create this for for the young fellas in a fun, authentic and empowering way.   


Please be prepared with a backpack, water bottle, hat, swimmers, food for the day, and weather-appropriate outdoor clothing - (raincoat for rain, sun shirt for sun).

Please ensure your child has a balanced lunch. It's a big day and they will need a good amount of protein to feel full and satisfied and have enough energy for the day. 

We ask you to try to minimise plastics and packaging in lunch boxes.

Everything we use returns to the earth. 

Thank you so much for looking after self, each-other and nature. 

Boys Expedition ~ Wednesday July 12th ~ Ages 9-13

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